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The Designer

Fashion? It can be a constraint at times, a limit to overcome.
It is with this idea that I began to design and create shoes.
Only one rule: to design shoes that I wanted to wear, but I could not find. It all started from here.

Immediately after came the creation of the form, the study of the sole, the choice of suitable materials to be assembled to best.

Everything has become increasingly important, because my intention has always been: to create simple shoes, the result of extreme precision and care of every detail.

Over time I used the experience that was accumulated in my father’s company’s service, respecting with market demands innovation, to try to always be a small step in front of the fashion of the period, looking for something he could overcome test of time.

Then the idea to get involved coming out of the house, signing men’s collections for numerous Italian shoe factories.

Today we continue with this project, with the aim of spreading more and more Italian style in all its aspects, full of passion and care for the things you work best.